You have a right to be safe while at College, and also have a responsibility not to harm others.  If you are being hurt, bullied or made to do something you don’t want to do, it is important to talk to someone. If you have any concerns in this regard please contact Student Services where staff are specially trained to deal with complaints or allegations of abuse and will treat your concerns sensitively.

If you have any concerns, let us help.  Speak to your Personal Achievement Tutor or contact the Safeguarding team on the details below:

Email:  Call: 01234 291888

We have safeguarding, peer on peer abuse and anti-bullying policies in place to ensure that everyone attending College does so in a safe and secure environment.  They set out the steps we take to protect young people studying with us and explain what we do if a student is, or is suspected of, being harmed or abused. You can obtain copies of our policies from Student Services or look on the College website 


As of September 2015, Bedford College will be participating in the RELAY Scheme in partnership with Bedford Borough Council and Bedfordshire Police.

The RELAY Scheme acts as a school notification service where incidents of domestic abuse have been reported in the previous 24 hours to Bedfordshire Police from households where children reside.

If a student is enrolled with us and is aged under 18 and lives at the address of an incident, notification will allow us to employ appropriate support mechanisms for the student.

The RELAY Scheme is coordinated by the Safeguarding Lead at our College and is facilitated by the Early Help Service at Bedford Borough Children’s Services. The Scheme will be implemented within the majority of schools in Bedford Borough.  

Nationally domestic abuse represents approximately 25% of all violent crime. National research shows:

  • One in three women experience abuse in their relationship;
  • On average there will have been 35 assaults before the victim contacts the police;
  • Every minute in the UK police receive a call for assistance concerning domestic abuse;
  • Domestic abuse claims the lives of two women every week;
  • 30% of domestic violence starts during pregnancy;
  • 70% of high risk victims have children.

As a College, we feel it vital that we work alongside our partner organisations to support both the victims of domestic abuse in our community and their children.

If you would like more information about the Scheme or support that can be offered around Domestic Abuse please speak with your Personal Tutor or someone from the Designated Safeguarding team.