The college definition of bullying and harassment

Bullying is:

Bullying message

Bullying doesn’t just depend on the intention of the offender but the impact the behaviour has on others. What one person might be okay with may upset someone else. The perceptions and feelings of those involved are most important.

Bullying can range from extremes, such as violence, to less obvious forms, for example ignoring someone.  Whatever the form, it will be unwanted behaviour which is unwelcome and unpleasant and results in pain and distress to the victim.

Bullying can be:

Types of bullying

  • Physical - pushing and shoving, tripping up, kicking, spitting or any other use of physical contact
  • Verbal – name calling, sarcasm, making derogatory remarks, intrusive questions
  • Emotional – humiliating and/or isolating someone, intentionally hurting someone’s feelings
  • Driven by a prejudice - bullying behaviour because of, or focusing on diversity issues such as race, sexuality, disability, age, transgender identity, religion, gender. 
  • Indirect - spreading rumours (if they’re true or not)
  • Cyber-bullying -  any form of bullying using technology e.g. Internet, social media, instant messaging or mobile phone (including digital images)
  • Sexual - unwanted physical contact or inappropriate sexual comments

It may also be bullying when:

  • The same person or group always leaves someone out
  • Someone makes threats of violence towards someone else
  • Someone damages someone else’s things deliberately
  • Someone takes someone else’s belongings deliberately
  • Someone tries to force another person to do something they do not want to do

How to report bullying at College

If you feel you are being bullied in college, please report it. When you report bullying action can be taken to deal with the situation and stop it happening again.

You can report bullying by:

  • Speaking to your Personal Tutor
  • Dropping into Student Services and speaking to an Adviser
  • Texting BULLY to 07950080723 with your name and contact details
  • Using the “Staying Safe” button on Moodle and completing the online reporting form
  • Emailing your concerns to studentservices@bedford.ac.uk or studentservices@bedfordsixthform.ac.uk

Other places you can find support and guidance about Bullying

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