Adult Financial Support

Our Adult Support Fund is subject to a household income of less than £26,000 for students aged 19 years and over; please see below for our eligibility criteria and the financial support we offer. If you are in receipt of an Advanced Learner Loan, please visit the Advanced Learner Loans Bursary page. If you are aged 16-18 please visit our 16-19 Bursary page.

Travel Bursary This is a bursary of £350 for students who live within the Bedford Bus Zone and £450 for those who live beyond. This bursary is not available to students who less than 3 miles from the College campus.
Shuttleworth College Bus The Shuttleworth College Bus Pass can be purchased at a discounted fee dependent on your household income. The travel bursary (£450) will go towards the cost of the bus pass, which costs £895 and
  • you will be required to pay a discounted fee of £405 if you pay in one instalment or
  • you will be required to pay a discounted fee of £450 if you pay in three termly instalments of £150.00 
Where your household income exceeds £26,000 you can purchase a college-subsidised bus pass at £225 per term.
Tuition, Examination and Professional Fees Bursary The maximum support will be 50% of tuition examination and professional body fees. It’s advisable that you receive a decision from the Student Finance Team before you complete your course enrolment.
Course Costs Bursary

The maximum support will be 50% of your essential course costs such as safety equipment, books or trips. Where the essential course item is provided by Bedford College, for instance, a uniform or a trip, your bursary will be transferred to your department and you will be required to pay the difference. This is not available to students on the second year of a 2-year course unless essential course costs are specified for the second year.

Residential Bursary Fees for halls of residence can be supported, although they are very limited.  Applications are prioritised by distance from the student’s home and/or availability of transport to Shuttleworth College. We operate a banding system for this bursary for students from very low income households.
Discretionary Hardship Bursary Up to £250 is offered in exceptional circumstances and where students can demonstrate financial barriers to completing their course and achieving their learning aims/goals. This bursary will only be awarded where attendance is 95% and over for eligible students. Subject to the availability of funding, this bursary will be offered in second and third terms.


Download this document to view a summary of the eligibility criteria and level of support available.

How to apply

Please contact 01234 291000 (Bedford) or 01234 291276 (Shuttleworth) for assistance with your application or complete application form below:

Bursary Application Forms for New Learners (January enrolments only)
Bursary Application Forms for New Learners (2017/18 enrolments)

Note: The bursary application is now only open to continuing students who become vulnerable learners during the course of the academic year and those taking on a course which started after January 2018.

2018/19 applications

2018/19 Bursary guidance and application forms will be available from Friday 1 June 2018.

You will be required to upload evidence to proof eligibility for one of our bursaries. Please have this to hand; you will be able to save your work and come back to complete your application at a later time.

If you're studying at The Bedford Sixth Form, please contact 01234 291444, email or download the application form directly.