Personal tutors

All full-time students at the Bedford and Shuttleworth College have a Student Services designated Personal Tutor who offers an impartial service and will during the year:

  • provide pastoral support, including a concern for your health, well-being and security
  • make you aware of what support you may be eligible for such as travel, finance and personal support
  • help you to attend College regularly by monitoring your attendance
  • monitor behaviour and academic performance and help identify concerns
  • work with you to help you to achieve and be successful on their course
  • provide ongoing one-to-one support to you to help keep you motivated in your studies
  • help you access further support such as referrals to counsellors to help with personal problems
  • provide you with information and advice on other specialist services available
  • meet with you on a regular basis through a programme of 1:1's and group tutorials to support development of your personal, social and employability skills

Group Tutorials

The group tutorial programme will support you in developing personal, social & employability skills to enable you to succeed on your course and understand the options available for progression once you have completed your qualification. Throughout your group tutorial programme you will cover (as a minimum) Induction and Transition, Study Skills, Health Awareness, Staying Safe, Equality and Diversity, Employability Skills and Progression routes. Some of these will be delivered through cross College events such as Health and Wellbeing month. For a one year programme, you will have at least 9 hours of group tutorials during the academic year. For a 2 year programme, this will be 12 hours over the two years.

Group tutorials will support the development of self-confidence, self awareness and employability skills. Also raising awareness on how you can keep yourself healthy and safe online and from sexual exploitation and extremism as well as supporting you in making a contribution to the wider society and progressing into positive destinations.  Your Personal Tutor will ask for feedback on the tutorial programme to ensure that sessions are bespoke and tailored to meet the groups needs.

1-1 Tutorials

Your Personal Tutor will meet with you for an initial 1-1 tutorial within the first 6 weeks of your programme of study to ensure you are on the correct course for you. Each student will then have a minimum of three further 1-1 tutorials each academic year.

Individual Tutorials provide you with the opportunity to meet with your Personal Tutor on a 1-1 basis to discuss your progress, set targets and develop your individual learning plan (ilp) together to ensure you reach your potential. Information from your 1-1 tutorial will be logged on your e-ILP on Moodle. In your individual tutorial you can expect to discuss:

  • your goals, targets and progress (including progress in English and Maths, if applicable)
  • attendance and punctuality
  • assessment outcomes and achievement
  • any support needs and provision you require
  • behaviour and acaddemic performance issues
  • anything else you would like to discuss

To make the most of your 1:1 tutorials it is important you are prepared.


We understand that being able to have a confidential discussion with your Personal Tutor is important. We will only share information with others provided you have given us permission to do so. However, if your Personal Tutor is concerned that you or someone else is at risk of harm then they will have to act in line with our safeguarding policy and pass information on to a designated safeguarding member of staff to decide if any further action needs to be taken to ensure the safety of a young person or vulnerable adult.

Reviewing progress

A key part of your 1:1 tutorial is reviewing your progress so far. Make notes along each of these points in advance of your tutorial to discuss with your Personal Tutor:

  • What progress have you made since your last tutorial?
  • Have you achieved your targets set in your last tutorial?
  • How is your attendance and punctuality?
  • How is your time management?
  • How is your behaviour?
  • What are you currently focusing on achieving in college?

Part of your 1-1 tutorial will involve setting targets to stretch/challenge yourself and ensure you succeed on your course. Areas you might want to consider setting targets around are:

Note taking         Revision          Attendance
Following directions   Self-confidence   Punctuality
Spelling   Personal organisation   Sensitivity
Concentration   Listening skills   Taking responsibility
Planning   Working with others   Problem solving
Time management   Checking work   Health/fitness
Motivation   Meeting deadlines   Interacting with others
Exploring progression after the course    Asking questions   Researching for assignments or assessments
IT skills   Asking for help   Creating a CV
Assignments or assessments   Presentation skills   Taking notes more effectively

SMART Targets

The targets you set in tutorials must be SMART. Use the questions below to check if the targets you’re setting are SMART


Barriers to achievement

  • Is there anything which could stop you achieving your targets?
  • How could you overcome this barrier?
Saima Nasir

Student Wellbeing Manager

Extn: 5915 (01234 291915)
Jo Fyfe
SENIOR Personal Tutor (Shuttleworth)
Land & Environment, Outdoor Education

Extn: 5656 (01234 291656)
 kerry   Kerry Longo SENIOR Media, Performing Arts & Music Technology    Extn: 5241 (01234 291241)
  Jacqui Hanrahan
Performing Arts & Music Technology
  Extn: 5654 (01234 291654)

  Jane Dudeney
Public Services
  Extn: 5240 (01234 291240) JD

  Jackie Green
Hair & Beauty
  Extn: 5600 (01234 291600)

  Jenny White
Care & Childcare
  Extn: 5341 (01234 291341)
  Jonathan South
Travel and Tourism
  Extn: 5242 (01234 291242)

  Beth Coles
Engineering & Electrical Installation
  Extn: 5239 (01234 291239) BETH
    Jane Osborn
Access to Further Education (A2FE)
  Extn: 5242 JO

  Jill Lampshire
  Extn: 5338 (01234 291338) JL
    Mick Rae
  Extn: 5434 (01234 291434)
    Tauseef Hussain 
Motor Vehicle
(from Jan 2017)
  Extn: 5677 (01234 291677)

  Emilou Hayden
Art & Design
  Extn: 5346 (01234 291346) EH
  Daniel Guy
  Extn: 5436 (01234 291436)


  Claire Turpin
Care & Childcare
  Extn: 5147 (01234 291147)

  Donna Vine
  Extn: 5549 (01234 291549) COMP
  Lucy Murray
Animal Care L3
  Extn: 5243 (01234 291243) LM
 Amelia    Amelia Davie
Animal Care L1, L2 & Level 3 ABC
Horse Management
Level 1 & 2 Landbased
   Extn: 5244 (01234 291244)